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Sunday 11 July 2021

Letter A se girl name | Hindu Girl Name Starting With A Letter

Letter A se girl name | Hindu Girl Name Starting With A Letter

Best List of unique Hindu baby girl names starting with a letter, You can choose your beautiful name for your baby from here.

Letter A se girl name | Hindu Girl Name Starting With A Letter 2023
Baby girl names starting ith with A letter 

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सुंदर सुंदर बच्चे का नाम अ आ से.


Aaradhya -   One who is worth worshipping

Adhira     -    Moon; lightening     

Anika      -  Grace; another name for Goddess Durga

Anaisha   -  Special

Aditi        -   Mother of the gods, Liberty, Perfection, Creativity, Freedom, Safety

Angel     -  Shine of glory

Anya    -   Full of grace

Ahana  -  Inner light, Immortal, Born during the day

Anvi     -   One of devis names, Name of a Goddess

Aarohi   -  A music tune, Progressive, Evolving

Adweta   - inspirational, idealistic

Ananya   -  Limitless

Aasiya     -    Pensive

Arya     -  Noble goddess

Abhaya   -  Fearless.

Akshita    - Wonder girl.

Avantika  -  Queen.

Amrita     -  Spiritual holy water.

Alina         -  The noble one

Aakaanksha -   Wish or desire

Aaditri     -  Goddess Laxmi.

Aapeksha   - Tthe act of showing Passion, being passionate.

Advika      -  World

 Aarna     -  Goddess Lakshmi

 Anika      -     Anika means grace

Anokhi     -  It means ‘Unique’

Aarya       -  The other name of Goddess parvati, durga

Aarini       -  The one who is Adventurous

Aakruthi  -  Shape

Aakarshika  -  Having attractive power

Aakriti         -  Shape, innocence

Aadhunika    -  Progressive or new

Aadiya         -   Goddess durga

Aanshi         -   God’s gift

Aanchal       -   A cool shelter

Aaradhna     -   Shape or form of matter

Aakaashi      -  Sky or aasman

Aarushi        -  Winter sun’s first rays

Aarchi          -   Ray of light

Aastika         -  Believer of god and faith

Aayushi        -  Long life

Aarini           -  Adventurous

Adita             -   First root

Aditi              -   Freedom and security

Ahilya           -  Unploughed

Ahuti            -   Delicate

Ayana           -  Blossom

Akaashi        - The great blue sky

Akshaya       -  Immortal

Aloka           -   Victorious

Amisha        -   Honest

Amiti          -   Limitless, infinite

Anila          -   God of wind

Anisha        -   Supreme

Ayushi        -   Long living

Almira       -  Famous noble

Alina          -   Noble

Abhinandani - Congratulations, celebrations

Akshaya       -  Immortal

Aastika        -   Believer of god and faith

Aamya        - Soft, night rain

Aakhi          -  eye

Aapti           -  Fulfilment

Akshainie    - Goddess Parvathi

Aslesha        - Group of stars

Akansha      - Wish

Aradhana   - Worship

Arshitha     - Diving or Heavenly

Anjana       - Very Gracious gift by god

Aina            -  Mirror

Aastha        -  Faith

Adrisa         -   Lord of mountains

Adrija         -   Goddess Parvathi

Anamika    -   Ring Finger

Anshula      -   Sunny

Aabha         -  Glow; Splendour; Light; Brilliance; Bright

Aadrita       - Lots of Love Gathering; adorable; Charming

Aaeesha       - The word has the meaning of She who lives" or "womanly"

Aafia            - The name signifies the person who cool and composed.

Aasha           - Hope; Desire; Wish; Hopeful; Wishful thinking

Aashita         - The one who is creator of hope or is very optimistic

Aashrita       - One who has taken refuge in the Lord.

Aashtha          - Having Faith

Abhayankari   - One who gives bold and brave.

Abhikanksha   - The one who is willing to perform an action.

Abhilashita      - Wanted or longed.

Abhimanini      - One who has a self-respect or pride

Abhinithi          - That which is already been performed, friendship

Abhiniti            - Gesture, Friendship, Civility

Abhiprithi        - Full of love

Abhipsha          - A strong desire of wish

Abhipuspa         - Covered with fresh flowers

Abhirami           - One who is delighted or loved by many; Goddess parvati

Abhirathi           - Pleasure

Abhiroopa         - One who is beautiful and charming

Abhiruchi          - One who have or keep desires

Abhisarika         - One who is engaged in love

 Best baby girl names hindu modern starting with a letter.

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