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Wednesday 25 November 2020

Best 2,3 Letter Baby Girl And Boy Names Indian 2023

Best 2,3 Letter Baby Girl and Boy Names Indian 2023

Ahi - Heaven

Binita - Modest

Dhriti - Courage

Ela - oak

Gargi - scholarly or a thinker

Geetika - Beauty

Hemangini - Jasmine

Janki - Goddess Sita

Juhi - A Flower

Kajal - Eyeliner

Kashvi - Shining

Kavya - Poetry, learning, foresight

Mihika - Mist

Nisha - Night

Niva - The Sun

Oishi - Divine

Pari - Angel

Pooja - Devoutness or Prayer

Pihu - Chattering of bird

Priya - Adored or Cherished

Ridhi - Fortune

Turvi - Superior

Uditi - Growth, Ascension

Vaani - Speech

Yashi - Glorious, Successful

Best 2, 3 Letter Baby Girl And Boy Names Indian 2023 Short baby names
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Modern Bengali Baby Boy Names List With Meanings

Best Bengali Baby Girl Names List 2023

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Short boy names Indian

Aahir - Dazzling

Kiaan - king

Aakil - Smart

Aryan - Noble

Nehal - Handsome

Riju - Innocent

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