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Thursday 1 October 2020

Top Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With S Letter (S Name List)

Top Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With S Letter (S Name List)

Here the names are given with the letter "S" only
S letter baby boy names list

Baby Boy Names Starting With S Letter 

Name                    Meanings

Samar        -   Reward / Fruit of paradise

Samir         -   Holy, Jovial

Sitanshu    -   Moon

Satish        -  
God of truth, Lord Shiva

Sourabh    -

Sanjay      -   

Sujit         -   
Victory, Winner

Sanjib       -   
Long Live

Saheb       - 
Master, lord

Surojit     - God's favourite disciple

Subodh    -
Sound Advice, Easily Understood

Sunil        -  Dark blue

Srijit        - 
The one who has conquered Lakshmi the Goddess of wealth

Sukumar -  Handsome; Handsome, soft, tender

Sukanta   -  Handsome

Sumanta  - 

Santanu   -  
Auspicious Form

Sushil       - 
Good charactered man;well mannered; Virtuous

Sibam      -
Lord Shiva

Satyam     -

Sankar     - 
Lord Shiva

Sandip     -  A lighted lamp

Sibu         - Intelligent boy

Sanatan  -

Shiv        - 
Lord Shiva

Sumon    -
Good Mind

Shiba      - 
 Lord Shiva

Sambhu - 
 Lord Shiva

Sampath -

Samrat   -

Sanu       - 
Peak Sun

Satya     -
True, pure, another name for Visnu

Satyajit   - Victory of truth

Samarjit  - Lord Vishnu; Victorious in war

Santosh   - Contentment, Happiness, Satisfaction

Subrata   - Devoted to what is right

Sahishnu -
Lord Vishnu

Saksham -

Sanchay -

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